Harvey's House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

About Harvey’s House

Meet Harvey, our inspiration

Meet Harvey, our inspiration

Harvey’s House Rabbit Rescue and Sanctuary began in 2007 when Mary Kalb and Dr. Missy Jewell worked together to try to help increase adoption visibility for rabbits taken in from massive confiscation cases at Louisville Metro Animal Services. Indiana House Rabbit Society played a pivotal role in assisting the shelter with both of those cases, and in 2010, we became their satellite chapter in Kentucky, allowing us to work together for the rabbits of Kentuckiana. In July 2014 Harvey’s House Rabbit Rescue and Sanctuary formally separated from the Indiana House Rabbit Society organization, incorporating as a 501(c)(3) organization effective July 3, 2014.

Our name has dual significance; Harvey was Mary’s first rescue rabbit (along with his mate, Millie, who tragically died during kindling shortly after their rescue; you can read their story here: http://www.kindplanet.org/rabbitbabies1.html). Caring for him over the years with his myriad health issues, and raising his motherless offspring, imbued a deeper understanding, respect, and love of rabbits, and a heartfelt desire to help them. Harvey was a beautiful soul with a huge personality and amazing intelligence; he is greatly missed. Why was he named Harvey? In tribute to the big white pooka rabbit in the Jimmy Stewart movie by the same name.

The second reason for our name is in reference to the chain of hotels and restaurants built by Fred Harvey in the late 1800’s along the railway lines. These were known as “Harvey Houses,” and offered respite for a weary traveler. As with those places, our intention is to be a way station, not a final destination. The hope is always for our rescued rabbits to find their way to forever homes with loving families. But if they cannot, for any reason, they will always be loved and cared for here at the sanctuary.

Who We Are

Harvey’s House wouldn’t be Harvey’s House without the dedication, heart, and assistance of all of our volunteers. Meet some of our crew below:



Missy Jewell, M.S., D.V.M.

Dr. Jewell is our co-founder and provides the majority of medical care for our foster rabbits. She and Harvey had a special bond; it was at her suggestion that we decided on the name Harvey’s House for our rescue. Dr. Jewell and her husband share their home with 3 dogs, 4 cats, 6 birds, 2 rabbits, and one iguana.

Photo on 2011-08-13 at 17.21 #2

Mary Kalb

Mary Kalb has been involved in rabbit rescue since 2000. She is a licensed House Rabbit Society Educator, and is co-founder and director of our organization. She runs our main foster home and handles the adoption program. In addition to foster rabbits and Ambassador Honey Bunny, Mary shares her home with her personal rabbits Bigwig, Holly, Strawberry, Hyzenthlay and Faline, and a gentle giant of a dog named Eppie.



April Atherton

April is a member of the Board of Directors and became our Vice-President in October of 2014. She’s a licensed House Rabbit Society Educator and began volunteering for the rescue in June 2009. April has been serving as our fundraising coordinator as well as the head chocolatier for our annual Make Mine Chocolate fundraising campaign. April and her husband Damon live with a NZW boy, Louie, a young, crazy Rhinelander girl, Maya and provide sanctuary care for foster bunnies Theodore and Fozzie.


Damon Atherton

Damon is a member of the Board of Directors, our organization’s Creative Director, and a licensed House Rabbit Society Educator. As part of this job, he is one of our photographers and maintains our Facebook page. Damon began volunteering during the summer of 2009. Damon is our resident “bunny whisperer” and enjoys working with our tougher cases. Damon lives with his wife, April and their 4 adopted/foster rabbits.


Andrea Galbusieri

Andrea has been involved with rabbit rescue since 2001. She is a licensed HRS Educator and has worked with rabbit rescues in Germany, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Currently located in Missouri, she is our Petfinder liaison and also handles sponsorship requests for our sanctuary rabbits. Andrea and her husband Chris have two bonded pairs of pampered rabbits: Cleo & Higgins, and Hannah Rose & Ajax.

Meggie O’Brien

Meggie joined Harvey’s House shortly after adopting her bunny Weatherby from us. She is our Volunteer Coordinator and Social Media Director, and runs our Instagram account (@harveyshouserabbits). Meggie is currently an HRS Educator in training and is always making DIY toys for our foster rabbits, so no bunny gets bored!


Lee Willie(2)

Lee Bishop

Lee Bishop is a Louisville attorney who volunteered his time and expertise to skillfully guide Harvey’s House through the arduous process of incorporation and filing for our non-profit status. His knowledge and experience has been a true blessing to this rabbit rescue, and we are all deeply grateful for his help.


Amy Blevins

Amy began her love for bunnies years ago, as she was driving down a country road and came across a big white bunny hopping in the middle of the road. She took him home and named him Bun. After having sweet Bun for many many years, she was forever smitten with rabbits! Amy has impressive skills at capturing stray rabbits on the lam, and has brought 3 rabbits (so far!) into rescue with Harvey’s House. She also volunteers transporting dogs for Mobile Mutts, fosters sick or orphaned kittens, partners with Alley Cat Advocates to help with their TNR program, and is caretaker to a feral cat colony. She shares her lovely home with her boyfriend Bo, their rescue dog Lucky, and three rescue cats, Nikki, Teeny & Nugget.


Barb Erway

Barb Erway is an RN who generously volunteers her time to work with the foster rabbits. She helps with grooming, nail trims, works on physical therapy with our paralyzed sanctuary Esme, and always jumps in to lend a hand with cage cleaning. We’re very fortunate to have her with us.


Kathy Simon

Kathy Simon began volunteering in 2010. She enjoys helping clean pens and caring for our many fosters. One of her favorite jobs is snuggling our sanctuary bunnies and others. She is an amazingly hard worker, and has been a true blessing to this organization.


Kim Labow

Kim has been working with rabbit rescue for about 15 years in Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Louisville. Kim assists with the website and helps where she can. Kim and her husband David have four rescued house rabbits (including Sisi, left) and four rescued dogs, all of whom are best friends.

David photo

David Olson

David has been working with rabbit rescue for about 15 years in Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Louisville along with his wife Kim (above), and helps Harvey’s House however he can.