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Belvedere (adopted May 2010)

I adopted Belvedere the summer before my senior year of college. I was getting ready to move off campus for the first time and wanted a pet. My mom had rabbits when I was growing up and I knew they were a perfect fit for my lifestyle, so I went searching for a local rabbit rescue and found Mary. After a very successful visit, I fell head over heels and Mary drove Belvedere all the way up to my parents’ house where I was living for the summer to get him settled in. Belvedere (or Belvs/Binky Boy/Belly, as he is affectionately known) has been with me for just over 4 years and he is the sweetest boy! He loves to cuddle with his face on my neck while I read and he goes wild for his strawberry treats. His other favorite activities include perching on anything he can find (chairs, tables, boxes…a very unusual habit), looking out the window, and running wild circles around the living room while he binkies. My constant mission is to find as many things as possible for him to chew on; he is a very curious rabbit and gets bored if he doesn’t have a new toy every week. He is also extremely proud of the fact that he has taught me to play fetch. He has a set of plastic keys, which he loves to pick up and throw. To his delight, I will then return them to him so that he can toss them again. He has also bonded with my miniature poodle—they love to cuddle together on my bed (supervised, of course). Belvedere is a constant source of joy and entertainment in my life and I am so glad that we found one another!

Sent by Danielle White