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Frankie with Pepper

Frankie with Pepper

Frankie (adopted February 2016)

I started to think about our rabbit Pepper being alone all day while my husband and I are at work, so we decided he needed a friend to spend all that time with. So, he went for some bunny dates at Harvey’s House. He chose Frankie to be his best bunny friend. It’s quite remarkable you see, because Frankie was found in the same small town I in live in before I moved there. This is three long hours away from Harvey’s House. It was meant to be! She was turned loose and left behind by a family that moved away and left her in the yard to perish. If not for a Good Samaritan and Harvey’s House, she wouldn’t be here today.

Frankie has been a Godsend for Pepper. Back a couple of months ago Pepper got extremely sick and stopped eating for about three weeks. My vet’s offices and I had to feed Pepper every three hours continuously throughout those weeks day and night. She stayed by his side through the whole ordeal and accompanied him on his vet visits at times, which helped reduce his stress. Thankfully he is better now.

Thank you Harvey’s House for all you do for those precious souls that can’t always take care of themselves. Bless all of you for what you do!

Submitted by Delana


Weatherby (was Rufio) (adopted April 2016)

Weatherby is doing great! He now gets the whole living room and dining room 24/7! I’ve updated his NIC cube cage, so he can climb and observe from higher up. He loves lounging up on the top floor. He’s actually sleeping up there now as I write this.

This weekend he made appearances at Old Louisville Springfest when the weather was nice to promote my sister’s pottery. He did so well! He’s become quite a relaxed traveler and spokesbunny. He also helped get the word out about Harvey’s House and how great house rabbits can be.

Weatherby even has an outdoor space (only while supervised) with a sand box that he may or may not like – he’s still deciding.

Here’s a link to a blog post my sister wrote about Weatherby:

Weatherby and I will be sure to keep spreading the word about Harvey’s House so we can find more bunnies forever homes!

Thanks for everything!

Submitted by Meggie and Weatherby


Duchess (was Checkers) (adopted March 2016)

We are so pleased with Duchess (formerly Checkers) and love having her in our home. She gives us great joy as she does laps around the room, performs binkies, and spreads out so that we can love on her. I could not be happier with my decision to come to Harvey’s House for a rabbit.

There were so many benefits: she was already socialized, spayed, and litter-box-trained. What I really appreciated was that you knew the bunnies’ personalities and could recommend a perfect fit for our home based on our desires and the rabbit’s temperament. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Submitted by Valerie


Psyche (was Quinn) (adopted February 2016)

Penny was found on the side of the road trapped inside of a makeshift cage so small that he could not turn around. He was dirty, scared, and underweight. He got used to being a house rabbit pretty quickly and after he fattened up he was neutered. He became even more affectionate and flirty. It was clear that this rabbit needed a pal. He tried desperately to play with his new roommates, a pair of rescued calico cats, but he needed a companion of his own. After that this weird little family would be complete.

On Valentine’s Day weekend we took him speed dating at a Harvey’s House foster home. So many deserving, precious rabbits, but it was a clear choice. All of us decided to bring Psyche (at this time Quinn) home.

You see, Psyche was also found on the side of the road. She was abandoned, injured, and scared. Thanks to incredible people with huge hearts this rabbit was given a second shot at life and a family that will never leave her.

She was given a life of fresh greens from the garden, unlimited bunny snuggles, the occasional banana bite, and her very own pillow to burrow in non-stop. She can freely roam wherever she would like as long as her people are home and awake. Basically, she is queen.

She is still getting used to us, but she is already a skilled couch cuddler and during one especially sweet cuddle session she made happy dove sounds. She is getting more brave every day and is learning to explore. She even has shown us a few binkies and tried to initiate a game of hide and seek.

She lives with three other amazing creatures who never had a home before this one, and two humans who this time last year were mourning the loss of their first house rabbit, who was the heart of their home.

It took four fuzzy butts roaming around the house to finally feel like our home was complete again, but we are very grateful for our sweet, fuzzy family and Harvey’s House.

Submitted by Kellie


Harrison (adopted February 2016)

Harrison is doing great! Since the day I got him he has been perfect: he gets nervous when I first pick him up but he always lets me hold him and is very nice. He uses his litterbox very well, and loves getting out and exploring and sometimes he does little flips when he’s excited. He really likes Zach(my boyfriend) and nudges him to pet him often, and our cat really likes him as well which surprised me. 🙂 She is a good cat that is very gentle and only watches him a lot, and sometimes runs away from him.

He likes his treats and veggies, and is such a great bunny, all of my roommates love him.

He is a very good boy and I love him very much. His name is still Harrison though sometimes I call him Hare Hare or Harry Baby for short but we mostly still call him Mr. Harrison or just Harrison. I think my favorite things he does is how he flops on his side and spreads out when I put him on the couch or how much he plays with his toys. I’m so happy with him and thank you for helping me find my little bun bun(that’s what Zach calls him sometimes).

Submitted by Alyssa
Frankie with Fancy

Frankie with Fancy

Frankie (formerly Pongo) (adopted February 2016)

Everything is going great with Fancy and Frankie (formally known as Pongo). It only took Frankie a couple of days to get adjusted, and now Frankie and Fancy are inseparable! They are constantly sleeping right beside each other and are always hanging out together. Frankie was a little scared at first, but quickly got used to his new environment.

Frankie and Fancy constantly play with each other; they are always running around and being the sweet nosy creatures that they are. Frankie has now started to jump up in the air and do a little kick, while running back and forth – the sign of a happy bunny. He also enjoys hanging out in the rabbit house that I built.

I am so happy to have Frankie, and that he and Fancy are companions for life. I appreciate all your help and hard work, as well as all that you do for Harvey’s House!

Submitted by Jake


Ellie (was Ouija) (adopted August 2015)

After my sweet Dexter lost two mates within a year, he became lonely and depressed. I knew it was time to adopt another rabbit for him. It was a long process, but Dexter chose Ellie, formerly known as Ouija. Now they are inseparable and always cuddled up next to each other. It warms my heart to see a timid little Ellie warm up and beg for pets and nose rubs. I am so honored to have given them both a happily ever after and a forever home!

Submitted by Ashley F.
Radar and Pez

Radar and Pez

Mariano (now Radar) (adopted December 2015)

I knew the moment I met Radar that we were meant to be. The question was, did Pez agree. After a lot of thought I contacted Harvey’s House to introduce Pez (my female lion head) to Radar. Thankfully she accepted him and now adores him. He is such a sweet boy with so much personality.

My heart over flows with joy when I catch them in a snuggle or when they’re busy playing. Thank you Mary for showing me true bunny love. Radar is the perfect addition to our family.

Submitted by Lori B.


Tigger (adopted December 2015)

Tigger is the cutest thing. He likes to chew on the items we have in the pen; he doesn’t eat any of it but just tears it to pieces. He’s starting to jump more and runs laps around the living room. I didn’t really understand how fast a rabbit was until he started taking laps around the living room. He spends his day either behind the TV or upstairs sleeping. He likes to sleep in enclosed spaces during the day, and when evening comes he’ll spend his time in the ex pen. He does let you pet him … but only when he wants to!

Submitted by Yessica


Tosca (adopted February 2016)

Tosca is such a delight to have in my home. She is constantly playing and doing that little joy jump around. She has also been so loveable to us! Asking for rubs and even giving me little nose nestles. She is just wonderful and I wanted you to know how happy we all are together as a little family.

Submitted by Callie & Mike