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Join us at Midwest BunFest Saturday, October 14th in Columbus, Ohio!

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2/28/2017 Daviess County Confiscation Case Update:

All of the buns to have rescue commitments from other shelters have now been transported successfully. Many thanks to Missouri HRS-St. Louis, Indiana HRS, Columbus HRS, Ohio House Rabbit Rescue, and Beaver Creek Humane Society in PA for giving them a place.

We are deeply grateful to be able to say that thanks to a generous grant from National HRS, and the donations from many kind rabbit lovers, we have been able to fully cover the estimated $2,500 cost of providing veterinary care to all of the rabbits that came to us from this confiscation.

Still in our care are the young bun with part of her ear bitten off (now named Suki), and mom Momo with her eight babies. All are doing well. Heartfelt thanks to all who have helped us to give a second chance to these dear rabbits.

We still need your help – please donate here to help these beautiful animals!

2/13/2017 Daviess County Confiscation Case Update:

If we had to put one face onto the Daviess County confiscation case rabbits that have come to us at Harvey’s House, this would be it; meet Momo. She went into the carrier at the shelter as “maybe pregnant” and came out of it into rescue with a litter of 8. We are working hard for all of these dear confiscation rabbits that are in our care, racing against the clock to get the adult females spayed before they can move on to their transports to other rescues. Our funds are low, and we have

7 spays to do, plus Momo and her 8 babies when they are ready. If anyone would like to help us to help them, please consider donating to their surgery fund either through PayPal or directly to our account at All Pets Veterinary Center in Louisville, KY. Thank you.

We still need your help – please donate here to help these beautiful animals!

2/10/2017: Update on the Daviess County KY Confiscation Rabbits:

With the incredibly kind help from our fellow KY rescue Bun Bun Brigade, and national HRS’ Dawn Sailer with her amazing networking skills, we’ve been working hard together and have been able to find rescue placements for all but one of these rabbits (the shelter adopted out two of them, so only 18 needed to be moved). We’re still working on the transports from Louisville to their final destinations…


Heartfelt thanks to all of the rescues who have offered space to these dear buns: Bun Bun Brigade, Missouri HRS – St. Louis, Indiana HRS, Columbus HRS, Columbus House Rabbit Rescue, and Beaver County Humane Society in PA. Harvey’s House has a mom and her newborns from this rescue heading our way, too.

We still need your help – please donate here< o help these beautiful animals!

2/7/2017: We’ve been contacted by the Daviess County Humane Society in Owensboro, KY, asking for help with 20 New Zealand White rabbits they’ve recently confiscated. We are offering to assist as best we can.

Here is the story in their own words: “We received a call about a rabbit hoarding situation! Upon arriving, the ACO determined that the rabbits were actually very well cared for (they were running free in the owner’s backyard, plump & healthy), and we were prepared to assist the owner in spaying and neutering their bunnies. However – they then took all of the rabbits and turned them loose at a park! So, the ACO & a volunteer spent hours Saturday catching these scared, defenseless bunnies! Now, DCAC is once again BEGGING rescues, sanctuaries and forever homes to come forward and help us rehome 20..yes, TWENTY, snow white, super sweet, very tame bunnies! They range in age from 8 weeks old up to 2-3 years old!”

We still need your help – please donate here< o help these beautiful animals!

We are holding a gently used book sale to raise funds for our foster rabbits. There will be lots of books from various genres available for purchase. If you would like to donate books to the sale, you can contact us at or message us through our Facebook page.

When: Sunday, March 26th
Where: Almost Home Boarding and Training
Times: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm


Check out the second quarterly newsletter from Harvey’s House – winter 2016.

Read the latest issue here. Topics include:

  • Welcome letter
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  • Rescue news
  • Happy Tails
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Harvey’s House is pleased to announce quarterly newsletters designed to keep you up-to-date on all the rabbit news at Harvey’s House.

Read Issue 1 Fall 2016 FINAL here. Topics include:

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Don’t miss Midwest BunFest!

Join us on Saturday, September 17th as Harvey’s House participates as a rescue partner in the annual Midwest BunFest in Columbus, OH.
If you’re in the area, we hope you’ll come by to say hello. There will be educational seminars as well as “all things bunny” for sale from vendors and attending rescues.

When: Saturday, September 17th
Where: Northland Performing Arts Center 4411 Tamarack Blvd. Columbus, OH 43229
Times: 9:30 am- 5:00 pm