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Feb 10 Update on the Daviess County bunnies

2/10/2017: Update on the Daviess County KY Confiscation Rabbits:

With the incredibly kind help from our fellow KY rescue Bun Bun Brigade, and national HRS’ Dawn Sailer with her amazing networking skills, we’ve been working hard together and have been able to find rescue placements for all but one of these rabbits (the shelter adopted out two of them, so only 18 needed to be moved). We’re still working on the transports from Louisville to their final destinations…


Heartfelt thanks to all of the rescues who have offered space to these dear buns: Bun Bun Brigade, Missouri HRS – St. Louis, Indiana HRS, Columbus HRS, Columbus House Rabbit Rescue, and Beaver County Humane Society in PA. Harvey’s House has a mom and her newborns from this rescue heading our way, too.

We still need your help – please donate here< o help these beautiful animals!