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Feb 13 Update on the Daviess County Rabbits

2/13/2017 Daviess County Confiscation Case Update:

If we had to put one face onto the Daviess County confiscation case rabbits that have come to us at Harvey’s House, this would be it; meet Momo. She went into the carrier at the shelter as “maybe pregnant” and came out of it into rescue with a litter of 8. We are working hard for all of these dear confiscation rabbits that are in our care, racing against the clock to get the adult females spayed before they can move on to their transports to other rescues. Our funds are low, and we have

7 spays to do, plus Momo and her 8 babies when they are ready. If anyone would like to help us to help them, please consider donating to their surgery fund either through PayPal or directly to our account at All Pets Veterinary Center in Louisville, KY. Thank you.

We still need your help – please donate here to help these beautiful animals!