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Frankie with Fancy

Frankie with Fancy

Frankie (formerly Pongo) (adopted February 2016)

Everything is going great with Fancy and Frankie (formally known as Pongo). It only took Frankie a couple of days to get adjusted, and now Frankie and Fancy are inseparable! They are constantly sleeping right beside each other and are always hanging out together. Frankie was a little scared at first, but quickly got used to his new environment.

Frankie and Fancy constantly play with each other; they are always running around and being the sweet nosy creatures that they are. Frankie has now started to jump up in the air and do a little kick, while running back and forth – the sign of a happy bunny. He also enjoys hanging out in the rabbit house that I built.

I am so happy to have Frankie, and that he and Fancy are companions for life. I appreciate all your help and hard work, as well as all that you do for Harvey’s House!

Submitted by Jake