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Frankie with Pepper

Frankie with Pepper

Frankie (adopted February 2016)

I started to think about our rabbit Pepper being alone all day while my husband and I are at work, so we decided he needed a friend to spend all that time with. So, he went for some bunny dates at Harvey’s House. He chose Frankie to be his best bunny friend. It’s quite remarkable you see, because Frankie was found in the same small town I in live in before I moved there. This is three long hours away from Harvey’s House. It was meant to be! She was turned loose and left behind by a family that moved away and left her in the yard to perish. If not for a Good Samaritan and Harvey’s House, she wouldn’t be here today.

Frankie has been a Godsend for Pepper. Back a couple of months ago Pepper got extremely sick and stopped eating for about three weeks. My vet’s offices and I had to feed Pepper every three hours continuously throughout those weeks day and night. She stayed by his side through the whole ordeal and accompanied him on his vet visits at times, which helped reduce his stress. Thankfully he is better now.

Thank you Harvey’s House for all you do for those precious souls that can’t always take care of themselves. Bless all of you for what you do!

Submitted by Delana