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Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose (Adopted July 2013)

hannah-rose-htHi, I am Hannah Rose. I had a bad start in life, but I don’t remember it all that well anymore. I think I was crammed into a tiny cage, and everywhere around me there were other rabbits, hundreds and hundreds of them! The food and water were bad, if we had any at all. One day, when I was at my lowest point, a wonderfully sweet and gentle lady took me away and, for the first time, I had clean water and fresh yummy food. That’s when my life began. Still, I was very, very scared, though. I must have whimpered a lot because Mary, the sweet lady who took me in, was afraid that I would take a long time to recover from my experience. One day, Mary told me that I was going to go to my “forever home.” I didn’t know what to expect. I was very nervous, but then this man came to pick me up, and I fell in love. He took me on a wonderful road trip, let me ride in the passenger seat in my carrier, and talked to me the whole time. That was my dad, or Papi, as I call him. I knew everything would be all right. I have a mommy, too, and I like her, but Papi is my absolute favorite! I like to make noises when I enjoy something very much (like the yummy greens I get every day) or when I have to voice my protest (when mommy trims my nails), and Papi calls me his little squeaker. Guess what, I even have a boyfriend! His name is Ajax, and he is quite dashing. He is always getting into mischief, and I’m fascinated by how daring he is. He even ventures into the bedroom which we are totally not supposed to do! I like him a lot, but have I mentioned that Papi is my favorite? I’m a very happy bunny now.

Sent by Andrea and Chris