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Help the Daviess County bunnies! Feb 7, 2017

2/7/2017: We’ve been contacted by the Daviess County Humane Society in Owensboro, KY, asking for help with 20 New Zealand White rabbits they’ve recently confiscated. We are offering to assist as best we can.

Here is the story in their own words: “We received a call about a rabbit hoarding situation! Upon arriving, the ACO determined that the rabbits were actually very well cared for (they were running free in the owner’s backyard, plump & healthy), and we were prepared to assist the owner in spaying and neutering their bunnies. However – they then took all of the rabbits and turned them loose at a park! So, the ACO & a volunteer spent hours Saturday catching these scared, defenseless bunnies! Now, DCAC is once again BEGGING rescues, sanctuaries and forever homes to come forward and help us rehome 20..yes, TWENTY, snow white, super sweet, very tame bunnies! They range in age from 8 weeks old up to 2-3 years old!”

We still need your help – please donate here< o help these beautiful animals!