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Murphy and Mirabella


Murphy and Mirabella (adopted February 2015)

We are pleased to report Murphy and Mirabella (formerly Forrest and Addie) are doing wonderful. Murphy’s favorite past times here at our condo include being brushed, putting whatever he can in his mouth (including his litter so now we have a screen that sits in his toilet to keep him from having fun (I mean eating it)), purring when it’s time for petting (especially behind the ears), and nibbling on clothing (especially sweatshirt strings – delicious)! You can usually find him trying to explore while Mommy says “let’s make good choices today Murph,” and oh the binkying – it’s usually just running with twitching involved (gravity is the worst) but we only tell him how impressed we are.

Mirabella is a princess in every sense of the word. She enjoys being groomed by Murph, carried around the house by Daddy (favorite spot is to lay her chin under his while she’s being transported), binkying at heights previously unseen, and purring very very quietly while we pet her tiny head. You can usually find her judging Murphy while he attempts to make wrong choices. Both enjoy being told how beautiful they are every day. Needless to say, we are thrilled that M&M Have adopted us – I mean that we adopted them. Mary is incredible and her work with all of the fosters and residents is absolutely amazing. We will absolutely be back when we’re ready to add a third bunny member to the family. Until then, M&M send their nudges and nose rubs to all of their prior roommates from Harvey’s House – and they say they just know that they’ll all find great home soon!!

Sent by Amanda and Kevin