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Photo of Marianne And Elinor

Marianne And Elinor

  • Female
  • American
  • 36342766
  • Rabbit
  • Marianne and Elinor, the twins, as we like to call them, are an adorable pair of bonded sisters who must be adopted together. Both girls have complete control over their ears, and they like to make them go up and down like seesaws, to the amusement of our volunteers. Although they look so much alike, their temperaments are quite different. Marianne is the more assertive one and the protector, while Elinor is a little shy and likes to hide behind her bolder sister. Our sensible sisters are so adorable when they come running to the door of their play pen and crowd together so that they can be petted at the same time. Our adoption fee is $65 for a single rabbit and $110 for a bonded pair. The adoption process consists of a phone interview, a visit to meet the rabbit you are interested in, a vet reference and a home check. Please see our website for the adoption questionnaire, which is the first step in the process: http://www.harveyshouse.org/ourfosterrabbits/adoption-questionnaire/}