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Harvey’s House Sanctuary Rabbits

In addition to fostering rabbits while they wait to go to their “forever homes,” Harvey’s House also keeps rabbits in our sanctuary. While a “forever home” is the ideal situation for any rabbit, sometimes serious health conditions, behavioral issues, or advanced age make that an unlikely outcome. These special bunnies are moved into sanctuary status, where they will live out their lives with love and care from our dedicated volunteers.

Meet our Sanctuary rabbits:

Fozzie Sanctuary picture


Fozzie came into rescue as an owner surrender/cruelty neglect case on 11/18/2014. The man surrendering him told us he was about 2, that he’d been his daughter’s rabbit, and after the divorce she went to live with her mom who would not allow the rabbit to come to her house. So, he was kept in an outdoor hutch.

During his intake exam, the vet discovered severely maloccluded incisors, and he was very underweight. After dental trimmings and time to increase his weight, Fozzie underwent surgery to have his incisors removed. Due to his dental issues, Fozzie still struggles to maintain a healthy weight and is now a sanctuary rabbit. Please sponsor me.

Dandelion, and Hawkbit

These rabbits remain in fostercare from the 2007 Louisville Metro Animal Services “Yard Rabbits Confiscation Case.” Over 80 rabbits from this horrific situation were processed through animal control, but only 31 were able to be released to rescue due to severe illness and injuries sustained in the yard. Many of those rescued were able to transition into lives as house rabbits, but this group struggled. They never totally acclimated to being with people, and so have been repeatedly passed over by potential adopters. They are all elderly now, with escalating health issues. The rescue is the only home they have ever known, and we feel that the kindest decision is for them to stay with us as sanctuary rabbits. Please sponsor us.

"Yard Rabbits" in their desolate conditions

Yard Rabbits before rescue

Dandelion in Sanctuary

Dandelion in Sanctuary

Hawkbit in Sanctuary

Hawkbit in Sanctuary

Banjo, Bubba, and Bonnie Sue

Banjo, Bubba and Bonnie Sue are littermates who were rescued near a Munfordville, Kentucky dog shelter on April 19, 2009. One of their workers witnessed a man dumping a trailer full of New Zealand White rabbits onto a nearby road, and the rabbits scattered in panic. Many were run over, some were killed by the dogs, a few escaped into the nearby woods. This trio was found by a neighboring property owner a short time later in an abandoned barn… they were only a few weeks old, and barely alive. They have survived, but their mental as well as their physical condition is forever affected by their experience. Banjo has gone through several surgeries for intestinal blockages and adhesions, Bonnie Sue and Bubba struggle with periodic episodes of stasis… fragile health is the sad reality for these little ones. Please sponsor us.


Theodore was on the loose for over a week in Jeffersonville, Indiana, during a brutal heat wave during the summer of 2012. He seemed relieved that someone finally came to get him, and hopped happily into his rescuer’s arms. He was so small that at first glance we thought he was a young rabbit, but we soon discovered that he was, in fact, an elderbun. His intake exam revealed some serious problems: maloccluded incisors, ear mites in both ears, fleas, and an abscess under his chin, caused by a grass seed awn. He had several of these awns embedded in his mouth and underside, too, causing him a lot of pain and infection. He received excellent medical care, had his incisors removed, and was neutered, and seemed to be well on the road to good health. Subsequent exams, however, revealed an abscess in his upper jaw, which had infiltrated the sinus cavity. He’s been successfully treated, but we know that recurrence is a risk. Given his health struggles, and his advanced age, he is now a sanctuary rabbit. Please sponsor me.

Any support for these sanctuary rabbits would be deeply appreciated. Please contact us if you would like to be a sponsor.
Thank you from everyone at Harvey’s House.