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Pablo and Paloma


Pablo and Paloma (adopted April 2012)

When my family became interested in adopting a rabbit, we found the rescue website and pictures of all of these adorable bunnies needing good homes. But the website not only contained pictures, it also provided a lot of great information about rabbits and how to provide them with a healthy and happy home. We enjoyed studying the information as we began the process to adopt. After we applied and explained more about our family and what we were looking for, we were invited to meet two bunnies. We were able to visit with Pablo and Paloma and then couldn’t wait to bring them home! Because we had never had bunnies for pets, we were quite nervous at first. Mary brought the bunnies to our home, helped us set up their space, and provided ongoing support to make the adoption successful. We had a wonderful experience. The rabbits brought us a lot of joy and cuddle time as well as an opportunity for my daughters to learn the importance of caring for family pets.

Sent by Carol F.