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Psyche (was Quinn) (adopted February 2016)

Penny was found on the side of the road trapped inside of a makeshift cage so small that he could not turn around. He was dirty, scared, and underweight. He got used to being a house rabbit pretty quickly and after he fattened up he was neutered. He became even more affectionate and flirty. It was clear that this rabbit needed a pal. He tried desperately to play with his new roommates, a pair of rescued calico cats, but he needed a companion of his own. After that this weird little family would be complete.

On Valentine’s Day weekend we took him speed dating at a Harvey’s House foster home. So many deserving, precious rabbits, but it was a clear choice. All of us decided to bring Psyche (at this time Quinn) home.

You see, Psyche was also found on the side of the road. She was abandoned, injured, and scared. Thanks to incredible people with huge hearts this rabbit was given a second shot at life and a family that will never leave her.

She was given a life of fresh greens from the garden, unlimited bunny snuggles, the occasional banana bite, and her very own pillow to burrow in non-stop. She can freely roam wherever she would like as long as her people are home and awake. Basically, she is queen.

She is still getting used to us, but she is already a skilled couch cuddler and during one especially sweet cuddle session she made happy dove sounds. She is getting more brave every day and is learning to explore. She even has shown us a few binkies and tried to initiate a game of hide and seek.

She lives with three other amazing creatures who never had a home before this one, and two humans who this time last year were mourning the loss of their first house rabbit, who was the heart of their home.

It took four fuzzy butts roaming around the house to finally feel like our home was complete again, but we are very grateful for our sweet, fuzzy family and Harvey’s House.

Submitted by Kellie