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Local rabbit- and rescue-friendly stores

Meet Sherman T Potter - available for adoption!

Meet Sherman T Potter – available for adoption!

If you are supporting animal rescue by adopting your next family pet, make sure you get your supplies from rescue-friendly shops and stores. Here are some things to look for:

  • Ideally, shop at stores that don’t sell animals. Most animals in pet stores come from breeders.
  • If you are shopping at a pet supplies store that sells animals, ask where the store gets them. Some stores have a relationship with rescue organizations and house some of their animals for adoption to get them increased exposure.
  • If your favorite store does not source their animals for sale from local rescues, suggest it! It may be that they just don’t know that option is available.

online rabbit supply resources

There are many online outlets for bunny supplies, toys, food, and medications. Here are a few of our favorites:

your best choices for hay

Since hay is the most important aspect of your bunny’s diet, you can be choosy! Check out these online hay suppliers:

Meet Mimosa, available for adoption

Meet Mimosa, available for adoption