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Simon (adopted December 2011)

Simon_htI adopted my Harlequin doe, Stella, from IHRS in 2008. She was my first bun, and although she got along with my cats really well, I could still sense that she wasn’t happy even though I didn’t know bunny behavior like I do now. Stella never really bonded with me or my cats, so I assumed that was normal until a friend of mine lived with me for a few months. Stella loved my friend to death and would cuddle with her and bink all the time. When my friend moved out, Stella was even more despondent than before and I worried about her. After doing some research, I determined that Stella was probably just lonely because rabbits are so social, so I searched out a mate for her of the same breed and age. That’s how I found Simon (Thistle). Mary had Simon in Louisville, and although there was another Harlequin Stella’s age in Columbus, I appreciated Mary’s timely response and professionalism. My best friend and I took Stella to meet Simon for a ‘date’ and I was amazed how nice Stella was to him, even when she had a tendency to be aggressive. I immediately agreed to adopt Simon. After Mary brought Simon to our home, I was afraid to leave him alone with Stella for a very long time, since she would lunge and bite so much. I kept them separated by a baby gate for months even though they slept and ate on either side of it without incident. Finally, one day my bunny sitter took the baby gate away while I was out of town and left me a note telling me I was being silly. From that moment on, Stella has been so happy with her husbun, Simon. Although she still doesn’t like me all that much, I can tell she loves him. She grooms him and sleeps next to him. She won’t eat unless he’s next to her and if a loud sound scares them they hide together in their box. Although I wanted her to be an independent woman, I couldn’t deny that she needed her man. And he needs her, too. Although he had a terrible life in a bunny mill before he came to me, he is very gentle with Stella and everyone else. After dinner every day he hunkers down for a good scratch and follows me around the room. He even gives up immediately when Stella steals his treats! I’ve learned to give her a treat first and that he’ll patiently wait for his after she’s run away.

Sent by Lisa