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Weatherby (was Rufio) (adopted April 2016)

Weatherby is doing great! He now gets the whole living room and dining room 24/7! I’ve updated his NIC cube cage, so he can climb and observe from higher up. He loves lounging up on the top floor. He’s actually sleeping up there now as I write this.

This weekend he made appearances at Old Louisville Springfest when the weather was nice to promote my sister’s pottery. He did so well! He’s become quite a relaxed traveler and spokesbunny. He also helped get the word out about Harvey’s House and how great house rabbits can be.

Weatherby even has an outdoor space (only while supervised) with a sand box that he may or may not like – he’s still deciding.

Here’s a link to a blog post my sister wrote about Weatherby:

Weatherby and I will be sure to keep spreading the word about Harvey’s House so we can find more bunnies forever homes!

Thanks for everything!

Submitted by Meggie and Weatherby