FAQ: Who Does The Voice Of Peter Rabbit?

Who does the voiceover for Peter Rabbit?

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

James Corden Peter Rabbit (voice)
Margot Robbie Flopsy / The Narrator (voice)
Elizabeth Debicki Mopsy (voice)
Daisy Ridley Cotton-Tail (voice)
Rose Byrne Bea / Jemima Puddle-Duck


Who raps in Peter Rabbit?

Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig has released a new song for the new Peter Rabbit film soundtrack.

How did Peter Rabbit’s dad die?

Peter idolizes his father who is acknowledged as being deceased multiple times in the TV series. Exactly how he died in the TV series remains a mystery, but if it’s the same as the books, he was put into a pie by Mrs. McGregor, who isn’t physically present in the TV series. According to the movie, he got hit by a rake.

Is Ewan McGregor in Peter Rabbit?

Starring Renée Zellweger, Ewan McGregor and Emily Watson, Miss Potter tells the story of Beatrix Potter, the author of the beloved and best-selling children’s book, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit ”, and her struggle for love, happiness and success.

Does Peter Rabbit have a girlfriend?

The creators behind a new animated series due to air on CBeebies have given Peter a girlfriend for the first time. Lily Bobtail, daughter of Dr Warren Bobtail, will join Peter and his cousin Benjamin Bunny on their adventures.

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Who is Flopsy in Peter Rabbit?

Flopsy is a well-behaved little bunny who tries to stay out of trouble. She is the daughter of Mr. Rabbit and Mrs. Rabbit and has three siblings–an older bother, Peter Rabbit, and two sisters, [ Mopsy ]] and Cottontail.

Will there be a Peter Rabbit 2?

Sony said today that its Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway is moving up two weeks from Fourth of July weekend to June 18. UPDATED, March 19: The bunny trail to theaters just got a little longer for Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway.

How old is Peter Rabbit the book?

9 Facts About The Tale of Peter Rabbit. More than 100 years after its original publication in 1902, Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit remains one of the most beloved children’s books ever printed. Here are a few more facts about the naughty bunny who got caught sneaking into Mr. McGregor’s garden.

How old is Peter the rabbit?

The first Peter Rabbit story, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, was created in 1893 initially as a letter to Noel Moore, the five-year-old son of Potter’s former governess, Annie Moore.

Does anyone die in Peter Rabbit?

One day, Peter is forced to leave his jacket in Mr. McGregor’s garden and goes back to retrieve it. However, it was a trap set by Mr. McGregor who catches him, but suddenly dies of a heart attack due to decades of unhealthy lifestyle choices (although Peter claims that he killed him).

Who is the oldest sister in Peter Rabbit?

Elizabeth Debicki as Mopsy Mopsy is Peter Rabbit’s oldest sister who is known for being quite stubborn.

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Is Peter Rabbit a sad movie?

Peter Rabbit also has a surprising amount of death in it, and it gets tricky to figure out whom to root for, since almost everyone in the movie behaves pretty poorly. But Thomas gets the edge, since he’s human, and Gleeson is able to bring a hint of sadness and loneliness to his role.

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